Tool Validation


Process Optimisation/Tool Validation only at Tekplas Ltd

You will be confident that your tools are working at their optimum settings, giving you the best quality product at the best price.

At Tekplas Ltd we are the only New Zealand injection moulding company that is able to offer "Process Optimisation / Tool Validation". This advanced software enables Tekplas to provide their customer’s tools a "Consistent Moulding Method" for tool approval and validation. In short it will tell us how to set the tool from its present operational settings to “the best possible optimisation of injection time and process".

The injection moulding process is broken down into the key components of the cycle and critical process parameters. Each one of these key components is a worksheet which is completed by performing weight and product analysis. Completing each worksheet in turn results is an optimised process using the results of the 10 individual experiments.


The order in which the optimisation is completed is as follows:

  • Part/Material/Machine/Mould Reference & ID
  • Record of current process if applicable
  • Temperature Selection and Screw Speed Calculation using the internal database contained within the software
  • Back Pressure Optimisation
  • Cavity Balance Study
  • Injection Time Optimisation
  • Holding Pressure Optimisation
  • Holding Time Optimisation
  • Optimisation of Mould Movements and Part Removal
  • Cooling Time Optimisation
  • Clamp Force Optimisation
  • Cycle Time Breakdown

By performing this optimisation it is then possible to evaluate the part design, mould design, mould performance, material performance and machine specification in relation to achieving optimum part performance and cycle times. If there are issues relating to any of these topics which prevent an optimum process they will be identified so that corrections can be made or future improvements can be implemented.

If you are interested in further information about this process or would like your tools validated please make contact with Ian -